New Excelsior Logo

Father Duffy's charity,
New Excelsior, exists
to help the needy and
spread the Word of God.

New Excelsior, Inc.

The specific purpose of this nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation is to provide educational, charitable and religious services as follows:
• To produce educational and religious books, blogs and documentary videos.
• To disseminate same to the general public through all available public media.
• To assist the needy through charitable works and contributions.

Before coming to America in 1975, Fr. Duffy founded in Ireland a charitable organization, Christian Community Action (CCA), to implement the corporal works of mercy as enumerated by Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 25:

• Feed the hungry.
• Give drink to the thirsty.
• Give shelter to the homeless.
• Take care of the sick.
• Visit those in prison.

To put these into practice, the organization he founded built the following:

• Housing and a sheltered workshop for the handicapped in County Sligo, Ireland.
• Housing for seniors in Freshford, County Kilkenny, Ireland.
• Housing for young couples in Glencolmbcille, County Donegal, Ireland.
• A community center in Midleton, County Cork, Ireland.

The construction of these facilities is a testimony to the power of people of Faith when they reach out to help the least of their brothers and sisters in need.

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Fr. Duffy's Travels for Cross Catholic Outreach

In addition to his charity, New Excelsior Inc., Fr. Duffy since September 2013 has been an Outreach Speaker for Cross Catholic International, a Catholic relief and development ministry.

As an Outreach Speaker, Fr. Duffy periodically travels throughout America and can be seen at various locations shown on our News page.